An Unfair Advantage™ is an idea so powerful, ownable and profitable, your competition can’t do a damn thing about it. It changes conversations, gives your brand a distinct point of view, and gives consumers more than a reason to believe – it gives them a reason to belong. See The Work | Contact Us


To introduce its first line of personal massagers, the Trojan® brand turned to us to help take the taboo out of the topic. Our integrated marketing efforts used packaging, e-commerce, broadcast, and social media to bring the message to the mainstream and really generate some, um, positive buzz.


Burt’s redefined lip balm. So when they wanted to step into the beauty world, naturally they redefined that too. We helped them celebrate a higher form of beauty – one as honest, natural and real as the people who buy their products.


RÖKK Swedish Vodka has a bold, undeniable taste that would make Vikings proud. Unfortunately, Vikings don’t exist. So we helped RÖKK forge a relationship with another group who knows something about being bold and undeniable: the LGBT community. And today RÖKK’s spirit honors theirs.


How do you get a beloved, urban condom brand to – ahem – grow? By taking it beyond the bedroom and into the big time, positioning it as a symbol of truly living large.


How do you turn your mom’s favorite racquet into the choice of the young, hungry and driven? By taking it out of country clubs and putting it into the sweaty, blistered hands of today’s top juniors, and tomorrow’s champions.


Dark, stout and Irish - Guinness® is that most intimidating of beers. But it’s not meant to be feared – it’s meant to be enjoyed. To shed more light on this dark brew, we invited people to learn the Guinness® story, join the tradition, and raise a pint 250 years in the making.


Everyone knows tequila has a harsh reputation. So when Jose Cuervo® created a ridiculously smooth silver tequila, we knew it wouldn’t just change expectations, it would shatter them.


Golf ball advertising is filled with charts and graphs about distance, spin and feel. Yeah, sounds boring to us too. So instead of talking to “golfers,” we talked to men who played golf. And instead of delivering a speech about trajectory, we delivered the balls to go for it.


Six days before the 2012 Super Bowl, Volkswagen leaked a commercial that sparked a big controversy. Everyone was debating if it was offensive to Jamaicans. As unofficial ambassador for Jamaica, Red Stripe Lager had to respond. So here's how one little beer crashed the big game.


An Unfair Share™ is the convergence of a unique and differentiated corporate value proposition and a fully-integrated suite of profit-driving tools and services that allows a Company to "punch above its weight" with its retail partners.
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