We set out to turn a small, unknown brand into a rallying point for the Hemp Community. To do so, we needed a symbol that stood for unity, freedom, and most of all Hemp. Welcome to the Hempire.  Roll Free. Roll Often.


Create a new lifestyle brand to compete in the emerging hemp market. Phase one was to create and launch a 100% Pure Hemp rolling paper in busy C-stores and newly established dispensaries. First, we started by exploring Hemp Culture and the Human Truths driving that audience. Next, we explored the adult consumer landscape, completing a full segmentation to understand who is buying, how it is evolving and what motivates usage and purchase.  We learned that both Hemp culture and our primary purchasers both embraced a communal mindset while having a fierce desire to be true to themselves and stand out within the group. So we created a branded ecosystem where individual expression can come together under a single value- Freedom.

The brand iconography and packaging needed to be the symbol of this destination.  One that stood for unity, freedom, and most of all Hemp.


We created and established the destination for Hemp culture from the ground up. Carving out a new position  between weed and roll your own tobacco cultures. The Hemp Life. We created a cannabis inspired Seven Pointed Star to serve as the core brand icon, representing our values of creativity and freedom.  By blending the free expression of street art and the order found in nature within fractal patterns, we brought together the adult consumer’s current world with the product roots.  We built the brand icon into a flag to establish the package as a destination within the retail space.

The flag and package become a meaningful visual representation of Hemp Culture and brand values, elevating the brand in the rolling paper category while establishing a platform for future brand expansion.

We also launched a campaign centered around the fact that everyone who smokes does so for their very own reasons. From celebrating professional achievements to completing personal goals, Reason To Roll reflected the audience’s interests while allowing the brand to enhance the moment.   


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