Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?

Rethinking the Prime Prospect for Spirits.


Agesim clouded the view of a not-to-be-missed opportunity. Youth culture made it acceptable to ignore the 50+ consumer, but the reality of their value to beverage alcohol brands and their spending power demanded deeper analysis and insights. It didn’t hurt that cash-strapped Millennials couldn’t be counted on for growth.

But Boomers were a new, unexplored territory. There were no insights, success models or rules to follow. No understanding of what, when, how and why they drink.

We had to go from zero to 100  in order to define their potential and understand the Boomer as a marketing target. Working with Diageo’s insights and business team(s), we dug into their behavior, occasions and deepest desires.


Avoiding pre-conceived notions was essential, so we focused upon answering provocative questions about Boomers’ motivations, occasions, and behavior. Using unconscious elicitations, ethnography and quantitative research, we found insights about Boomers with power & potential. Spirits influence on the imagination inspires attachment. The rituals and the emotional content of Boomer’s occasions are age-defying and affirmative. Colangelo then partnered with Diageo’s Measurement and Evaluation and analytics team to dissect portfolio, commercial and go to market data in order to drive insights into action.

Better connection with an audience that no one paid attention to become a growth strategy for leading Diageo brands.  Not to mention a surefire route to the Boomer Hall of Fame.


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