Re-Envisioning Filippo Berio Olive Oil.

Shifting Passion Into Seduction


Filippo Berio found itself in an undifferentiated and competitive environment. The olive oil category was no longer considered a “discovery.” A new younger generation of food and healthy eating enthusiasts were being lured by sexy new oils (including avocado, coconut and others). In addition, private labels proliferated, introducing premium offerings. As a result, national brands dropped prices aggressively as they struggled in this environment.

Underlying the category issues, Filippo Berio was lacking a clear and differentiated brand equity.

Being a classic Italian brand and the expert in olive oil was no longer a compelling reason to buy. As a result, marketing efforts were challenged in presenting a compelling and differentiated offering to the consumer. Consequently, Filippo Berio approached us to help re-envision the brand.


Time to shift Filippo Berio’s equity and shock the category with a new set of brand values. Demonstrate how olive oil can make you feel. We created an attachment platform, The Temptation of Purity and introduced Filippo Berio as the “Sensual Oil” and as food’s most seductive, suitable companion. To bring this idea to life visually, we leveraged mandalas and the dynamic movement that they generate to ignite the much-desired passion in the anticipation and preparation of the food.
This visual approach allowed us to break through in the category as it provided focus on the sizzle and spark of the olive oil versus the finished dish, showing how Filippo Berio ignites a passion for food. We created a compelling reason to believe by seducing a new audience with a romance that will last for years to come.


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