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CÎROC Vodka had an undeniable problem. Volume had been declining for several years. It was headed to the middle of a changing category dominated by Tito’s. Famous for its success and style, a brand for command performances, it lived in the highly visible, image-conscious world of the club made famous by its brand ambassador, P. Diddy who drove its ultra-premium credibility (quality) and relevance for more than a decade.

But times had changed. The brand’s celebratory style seemed superficial, disengaged and elitist to today’s consumers who want more joyful and liberating occasions.

Loyal African-American males continued as Cîroc’s greatest volume contributors, but opportunity existed among Hispanics, Caucasians and women.

Our job was to find the human truths and compelling reasons why CÎROC should be part of everyone’s celebrations then to create a new brand story and campaign with the intention to recruit across demographics.


Our target is shedding the past, rising above expectations and the old rules. She is embracing her power, her story and her authentic self. Her occasions are energizing, meaningful opportunities to create new memories and experience joyful liberation, the new luxury.

Like her, CÎROC shed the old rules of vodka. Made from French grapes, presented in an iconic, powerfully-tapered bottle crowned by an orb, CÎROC is the vodka that celebrates the unstoppable force which is rising.

The strategy was four-fold: emphasize the fine French grapes core to CÎROC quality; add energy and vibrancy to the brand; emphasize approachable, informal drinks; invite everyone to turn their occasions into celebrations.

The campaign, They Say Only Wine Comes From Grapes, was tested for 12 weeks in two-markets (IL and SC) on and off premise. Displays, in-store POS, menus/feature placement and liquid to lips sampling and education were activated during the test period.

Success. Markets experienced 12.5 % and 12.4% depletion lift versus control on Blue Dot, Apple and Peach (featured variants). Next step is national rollout of the brand position and campaign.


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